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Yuk Duck
Bin Critters, Series 2




Bin Critters

Colors & Rarities

White (common), Aqua (common) and Purple (rare)



Yuk Duck is a Series 2 Trashie from the Bin Critters team. He is a disgusting puking duck on a float.


Next time you take out the trash, don't be surprised if you hear a 'quack'. That's just Yuk Duck swimming around in a cool pool of garbage juice, looking for squirmy worms and other Bin-Sects to eat for dinner.

Trash Town Hangout

Putrid pools of filth!


  • In Yuk Duck's bio it is stated that he is looking for squirmy worms. A similarly named Trashie, Squirm Worm, is later released in Series 5.
  • He was mentioned in the "Trash Pack 12 Days of Christmas" song on which he was number 7: "Seven Yuk Ducks Puking".


  • Yuk Duck (common)
  • Yuk Duck (common)
  • Yuk Duck (rare)

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