Sausage Trashie!!

There are a few trashies that make cameos in some places (packaging, etc) and are not in any series. They are most likely to be rejected. It is unknown if any of them will ever be used.


  • Ice Cream, (seen in the Trash Pack mondo TV ad)
  • Pig (Bin-Fection), (seen in Awful Activity Books' sticker pages)
  • Sausage, (seen on the back of the Series 4 Liquid Ooze Pack, on the Rotten Eggs box, and on the bottom of the UFT Glow Mania 12 pack)
  • Sandfly, (seen on the right side of the Find a Surprise Series 4 Eggs Box and Dirty Double Pack)
  • Tea Bag, (seen on the left side on the Find a Surprise Series 4 Eggs Box)
  • Banana Peel, (seen on the right side of a Series 5 12 Pack and the left side of the Series 5 2 Pack box)
  • Paper Airplane, (seen in front of the Series 5 Liquid Ooze Pack)
  • Sunscreen, (Seen on the Just Kidding Trash Pack competition.)
  • Crab, (Seen on the Dirty Double Pack)
  • Pile of Hair, ( Seen on the GID Trash Sweeper)
  • Cone Snail, ( Seen on the GID Trash Sweeper)

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