It's currently unknown when Wave 2 of UFT was released. Four more trashies from each group (excluding Master Trash) were available.


Wild Trash:

  • Waste Bin Weaver
  • Stinkasaurous
  • Alley Gator
  • Smellephant

Fighting Trash:

  • Scummy Samurai
  • Karate Slop
  • Trash Gladiator
  • Vile Viking

Army Trash:

  • Bin Grenade
  • Awful Corporal
  • Obscene Marine
  • Gone Badmiral

Food Fight Trash:

  • Beaten Egg
  • Maggot Mince
  • Sneeze Cheese
  • Trash Trout


  • Alley Gator is also a Series 2 trashie.

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