The Official Trash Pack UFT Television Commercial-000:31

The Official Trash Pack UFT Television Commercial-0

Wave One of Ultimate Fighting Trashies was released in February 2013, with 4 trashies in each team and the Master Trash.

Wild Trash

  • Trashmanian Devil
  • Sludge Shark
  • Litter Lion
  • Drizzly Bear

Fighting Trash

  • Fly Kwan Do
  • Martial Farts
  • Goomu Wrestler
  • Kung Spew

Army Trash

  • General Waste
  • Major Waste
  • Spill Sergeant
  • Pootenant

Food Fight Trash

  • Stale Cake
  • Tossed Spaghetti
  • Gooberry Pie
  • Smashed Potato

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