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UFT Glow Mania is the second series of UFT, based off of the Collector's website. It was released in August 2013 in toy retailers. It introduces 3 brand new teams, returning the Food Fight Trash and Master Trash. The 12 packs come with a green bin very similar to the one from Series 1. There are new spin bins (colors and artworks). The Trashies in the series are GiD (Glow in the Dark). The Spin Bins have a noticeable difference to the original UFT Spin Bins, the Glow Mania ones have clear outside plastic, letting you see the spring mechanism. The Battle Arena is colored a translucent light green.

Trashies (Key: * = 12 Pack, ** = Spin Bin, *** = Arena)

Alien Trash

  • Alien Snot **
  • Eye Sore *
  • Brain Pain *
  • Squirmy Wormhole *
  • Tentacle Terror *
  • Cosmic Creeper *
  • Mushy Martian *

Battle Bugs:

  • Bung Beetle *
  • Scorched Fire Ant *
  • Manic Mantis *
  • War Wasp **
  • Sting Scorpion *
  • Roach Rage *
  • Fire Fly Fighter *

Water Warriors:

  • Shredder Shark **
  • Grapple Crab *
  • Squid Scrapper *
  • Arm Angler Fish *
  • Samurai Swordfish *
  • Trash Turtle *
  • Prawn Mauler *

Food Fight Trash:

  • Rotten Fruit *
  • Atilla the Bun *
  • Chop Up *
  • Black Eye Pie *
  • Pineapple Crusher *
  • Combat Kebab *
  • Harm Burger **

Master Trash:

  • Sir Trash a Lot ***
  • Stink Splatter ***



  • In a picture above, a red Fly Kwan Do can be seen on some unknown object. Is this a scrapped concept?

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