Trashy Torch
TrashyTorch MovieTrash S3
"It's a trash flash dance!"




Movie Trash

Colours & Rarities:

Purple, Red (Both Ultra Rare)


Wall Crawler



Available in:

Series 3 2 Pack, Series 3 5 Pack, Series 3 12 Pack, Series 3 Liquid Ooze Pack


  1. TP 509, 516
Trashy Torch is a series 3 trashie who is a part of the Movie Trash team. He is a torch (or a flashlight) who is very dirty and beat up looking. Like all of the other movie trashies, he is a wall crawler and both of his colors are Ultra Rare.


Trashy Torch can safely light up the way to your movie seat. Just so you don't step in the sticky candy on the floor, the crunched-up potato chips under your chair or the melted chocolate that has dripped onto your armrest!

General Information

Series: 3

Team: Movie Trash

Finish: Wall Crawler

Colors And Numbers: Red (#509) Purple (#516)


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