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Trash Wheels Series 2

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Trash. Wheels Series 2 is the second series of the Trash Wheels line. It was released in February 2014.
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The series was found on an eBay auction.


  • 2 Pack (2 Trash Wheels)
  • 4 Pack (3 visible Trash Wheels, one secret Trash Wheel)
  • Playsets (possible release May 2014)


Blast Offs:

Rotten Eggsplorer Vomit Comet Slime Shuttle Splatalite Goo.F.O Grotty Rocket

Sea Scrap:

Slobster (Trash Wheels) Sewer Shark Sock-topus Slammed Clam Putrid Prawn Smellyfish

Parasite Patrol:

Screech Leech Slick Tick Motley Mozzie Fanged Maggot Scrape Tape Worm Bed Bugz

Odour Beaters:

Foot Rot Smelly Sock Stinkin' Sneaker Scumboot Drippy Slipper Feral Footy Boot

Flying Filth:

Fleagull Jurky Turkey Vomit Vulture Pungy Pigeon Smellicopter Stealth Stinker

Spin Cycles:

Snot Rag Junk Jeans Stank Top Shock Jocks Foul Towel Sweaty Sweater

Rat Racers:

Movin' Mouse Racing Raccoon Screamin' Squirrel Scramster Guzzle Gopher Rat Race

Limited Editions:

Stinkin' Soda Chicken Coupe Moose Mover Smokin' Sandwich

  • Smokin' Sandwich
  • Moose Mover
  • Chicken Coupe
  • Stinkin' Soda
  • Movin' Mouse
  • Guzzle Gopher
  • Rat Race
  • Scramster
  • Screamin' Squirrel
  • Racing Raccoon
  • Drippy Slipper
  • Scumboot
  • Feral Footy Boot
  • Stinkin' Sneaker
  • Smelly Sock
  • Foot Rott
  • Shock Jocks
  • Stank Top
  • Foul Towel
  • Sweaty Sweater
  • Snot Rag
  • Junk Jeans
  • Fanged Maggot
  • Bed Bugz
  • Screech Leech
  • Scrape Tape Worm
  • Motley Mozzie
  • Slick Tick
  • Goo.F.O.
  • Rotten Eggsplorer
  • Slime Shuttle
  • Vomit Comet
  • Splatalite
  • Grotty Rocket
  • Smelicopter
  • Stealth Stinker
  • Pungy Pigeon
  • Jerkey Turkey
  • Vomit Vulture
  • Fleagull
  • Putrid Prawn
  • Smelly Fish
  • Slobster
  • Sewer Shark
  • Slammed Clam
  • Sock-Topus

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