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Trash Town from the scabby sky!

Trash Town is the filthy village in which the people are under attack from horrendous Garbage! All the Trashies, accessories and Play-sets are planned and constructed in this Cruddy City! There are also Trash Wheels playsets that connect to each other to form Trash Town, see the bottom of this page for a confirmation picture. It is a garbage dump contained in the town of Garden City.

Life in Trash Town

The Garbage Trucks picks up the trash daily and dumps in either the nearest town or in the dingy dump, which continuously fills up and new trashies are born. The people of the town try their best to clean up the garbage, but the trashies Will not co-operate! New Vehicles are made to help clean the trash. Each evening the trashies go to the cinema where the Movie Trash play their plays. The Bin-fections keep the place diseased and sick, and the Glow-in-the-dark trashies light up night time. Mouldy trashies reek of--well, mould. The Astro Trash like to come down and eat the finest trash in the galaxy, which is in Trash Town. The Colour-Change trashies swim in the water, changing colours all the time, depending on the water temperature. For the trashies its a jolly good time in Trash Town but to the others they don't!

Clean up the Trash!

The Vehicles and play-sets try there hardest to clean up the streets of trash town. The Trashies known-to-be enemy, The Street Sweeper vacuums and sweeps the streets up. The Garbage Truck takes the bins infested with trashies of all kinds and dumps outta town or in the nearest dump (which pretty much is everywhere)., and the all new Junk Truck takes the Skippy Bins (which can be the Dunkin' Dumpster) to the same places as the Garbage truck.

New Trash, Events, and Bins

The Series 4 Beach Trash have swam their way into town's shores, roaming the water, and Toy Trash are taking the putrid playgrounds by storm!  The other Trashies have to watch their steps for the tiny little mini Trashies, and the hungry Biter Trashies search for a non-Trashie meal. The Foreign Food of the World Trashies have came from gross places across the grotty globe, bringing new Wheelie Bins with them. They have been greeted by our favorite Trashies! Some of the creatures that lurk around Trash Town are finally showing their faces to the others by participating in the UFT Tournament, while some trashies is starting their very own Trash Town grand prix.

Sewer Trash

Sewer Trash has come to rot the stinky sewers of Trash Town! Frozen Trash has been in the freezer way too long and has started to rot. The spotty Scrap Trash has been dumped into trash town from the scabby scrap heap. the School Trash is starting to trash the schools of Trash Town and the Sewer Trash had come from the smelly sewers and starting to stink up trash town.

Trash Wheels and Glow Mania

Something "Wheely Gross" rolls into town! The Wheelies! These fast, mischievous Trashies are always racing around town. Trashies need to watch out for these. The Army Junk wheelies like to cause trouble, starting problems in town.

The UFT has began a new season, and given itself a make over, lighting up the night with a new battle arena, and new fighters that have taken the spotLIGHT.

The spirits of old Trashies have been popping up, scaring the others.

Series 6 Rotten Eggs

Trashies have made a Time machine to see there trashy ancestors and have brought them to present day. These prehistoric Trashies will have to adapt to the the modern, trashy lifestyle in order to survive, ancient fossils have been found in Trash Town, bringing newly discovered species of trash, as well as rotten eggs, that have hatched into brand new Trashies.


Crusty Kitchens

The Grot Lot Garden

Seagull Beach

Junk Food Restaurant

Horrible Hot Dog Stands

Junk Yard Garden

Tyre Tower

Vile Vegetable Gardens

Cacky Candy Shops

Horrible Hot Kitchens

Putrid Pantries

Vile Vending Machine

The Gizmo Graveyard

Lousy Lavatories

Gunky Gardens

Rotten Restaurants

Bad Back Yards

Sewer Skate Park

Garbage Garden

Scummy Sand Pits

Tacky Toilets

Festering Fruit Bowls

Trash Alley

Toxic Tanks

Sloppy Sewers

Trash Lake

Slimy Sick Bay 

Nasty Nook

Poo Padocks

Sewer Solar System

Cruddy Cosmos 

Mouldy Milky Way

Scrap Heap

Junk Food Shops

Trashy Candy Shops

Bin Cinemas

Trash Thrones

Boggy Bins

Festering Fridges

Atrocious Atmospheres

Space Waste 

The Fart Side of the Moon

Boggy Banks

Dingy Dressers

Soggy Sewers 

Putrid Purses

Boggy Beach

Smelly Sewers

Burger Flip Out

Gas N' Go

The Junkyard

Scum Drum

Sewer Dump

Oil Spill Hill

Road Kill Round-About

Flat Tire Freeway

Trash Can Ally

Skid Mark Street

Dumpster Drive

Smokey Streets


  • According to the 2014 Annual, Trash Town was original a thriving beach town, until litterbugs continued to toss garbage carelessly through it. Through this garbage, the Trashies were created.
  • Webb is the owner of Trash Town, and one of the only humans to run it, as it is mostly automated.


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