This is Trash Pack Horoscopes (originally created by Dripsy123). If your birthday is on that month that's your trashie. What's your trashie? Say your Trashie in the comments and we will put your name here!
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Happy Birthday

Note that you need an account so we know your name.

December 22 - January 20: Garbage Goat (Capricorn): Phanpy444, Superace1, BH46552

January 21 - February 19 : Stink Sink (Aquarius): Piggo69

February 20 - March 20: Smelly Fish (Pisces): Orbitball

March 21 - April 20: Horrid Haggis (Aries):

April 21 - May 21: Moo Cow Disease (Taurus):

May 22 - June 22: Bin Bros (Gemini): Kimberly34

June 23 - July 23: Dirty Hermy (Cancer):Dripsy123

July 24 - August 23: Litter Lion (Leo):

August 24 - September 23: Smashed Vase (Virgo):Fatblubber12

September 24 - October 23: Stale Scales (Libra): October 24 - November 22: Stingle (Scorpio):

November 23 - December 21: Snot Trot (Sagittarius): Dani3204, Random12, Supereggy5, PikmanAndOlimar

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