Bumper set of rotten jokes. It's what you've 'Bin' waiting for. With these 10 great props and instructions you can perform 20 'rotten' jokes! Age: 5+                                                                                                                      

Box Contains

  • Stench Fries Whoopee Cushion
  • Rancid Roach's Real Cockroach
  • Crud's Can Farting Fun Pot
  • Scum Gum's Trick Gum
  • Noxious Bee's Buzzin Bang
  • Germ Worm's Wiggly Worm
  • Soggy Tomato's Ketchup Spill
  • Trashola's Trashie Gnashers
  • Bin Pig's Squirting Chocolate Bar
  • Grott Dog's Fake Poo


  • On the front, it mistakenly says "Grott Dog's Fake Poo!" However, Grott Dog is a hot dog, so Moose messed up, thinking Grott Dog was actually a dog.

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