The Trash Pack Design Contest was held only for America and Australia residents. The contest started on December 2011 and ended on January 2012. Fans must draw their own trashie and the winners get their design made. Only 3 winners of each country win. The winning trashies aren't released to the public. The designed winning trashies are sealed in a clear case as a trophy.

On March 14th 2013, Moose did another design contest. The winners not only get their trashie made, but the trashies are going to be in the Meet the Trashies section, and the winners will get a mini collector's booklet and a prize pack. The contest ended June 7, 2013.

The winning trashies are more glossy and colourful than regular trashies.




  • Black'n'Blue Berry
  • Unfortunate Cookie
  • Macaroni & Sneeze


  • Crazy Coconut
  • Slimey Salami
  • Overripe Orange



  • Barfy Bean
  • Air Unfreshener (Rnkwjiq)
  • Optic Oozer


  • Trash Brown (Dripsy123)
  • Spewcumber (MarioLuigiGCFan)
  • Warty Watermelon

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