Mouldy Trash

Trash Bag Goblin standing by a Series 2 Trash Can

Trash Cans are what Trashies are inside in Series 1 to 3.  While Trash Cans are no longer in main series, they are regularly available in sub-products. If you want to learn more about the containers in The Trash Pack click Here.


*Green (Series 1, Exclusives)

*Clear Green (Series 1)

*GiD (Series 1)

*Orange (Series 2)

*Blue (Series 3)

*Red (UFT Character Pack)

*Cyan (Gross Ghosts)

*Silver (Series 3 Liquid Ooze Pack, Metallic Garbage Truck)


*Small (5 Pack, 12 Pack)

*Medium (2 Pack)

*Large (12 Pack Big Bin)


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