Trading Cards with images of Trashies on them. All the Trashies since Series 3. There are normal, Glossy, Glow, Holographic, and Limited Edition Cards. There are eight cards and one Trashie in every pack. Some characters have two cards with the same design, one normal, while one has a special version.

Product Contents

  • (Booster Pack) 8 Trading Cards + 1 Trashie
  • (Starter Pack) One collector's tin One Exclusive Game Die Trashie (Blue, Green, or Red), and 8 Trading Cards.


  • While these were planned to be released in October, they were released mid-September.
  • Series 3 Wave 2 Trashies can be found in the Mystery Trashie section (Skabby Shark, Yuck Ketchup, W1 3rd color, Trash Iron, etc) in Collection 1.

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