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Toxic Trash Rim




Hard Rubbish

Colors & Rarities:

Yellow, Green and Blue (special edition)


Glow in the dark



Toxic Trash Rim is a Series 1 Trashie who is a member of the Hard Rubbish team. He is a radioactive waste drum.


Too much exposure to toxic waste has left Toxic Trash Rim with some nasty side effects. He glows a green color, has a bad case of stomach acid and his face keeps melting off!

Original Bio

Toxic Trash Rim just oozes filth. Vile, acidic, FILTH! Spewing his toxic sludge wherever he rolls, this is one big drum of putrid scum!

Trash Town Hangout

The wastelands of Trash Town.


  • Toxic Trash Rim was originally named Toxy.
  • He has a minor role in the Mondo TV cartoon, where he is very dangerous and somewhat antagonistic.


  • Toxic Trash Rim (special edition)
  • Toxic Trash Rim (special edition)
  • Toxic Trash Rim (special edition)

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