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Series 6 review

  • So.... I just got Series 6, and it appears pretty bad. Lets start off with the packaging and the new bins - wait I mean eggs.

    So, the first time you see the pack, you'll probably see 2 halves of "egg shell" on either side of the bottom of the packaging. But then look at the visible 2 Trashies (12 pack) and look at the eggs under the Trashie. They are only a half egg, and I presume it is a half egg because they can't fit the whole egg and the Trashie in the packaging without modifying the size of it. And also, unlike other Series, the bins in Series 1-4 open at the top, but to open the eggs, they split in half.

    Now onto the Trashies - I'm just going to do the special teams. So there is Puke Eggs (team) - it is the UR group for Series 6. Well, it's HORRIBLE. They are 99% similiar to the Series 5 Frozen Trash, but coloured green and shaped like an egg.

    Now, the SE group - the Hard Boiled Trash. Again, they've copied some aspect of Series 5, they are basically Scrap Trash that are very hard, hence "Hard Boiled". Just opening my first pack and finding these "special" Trashies - I just felt like facepalming myself over 9000 times.

    Now onto the Limited Edition - they were deliberately placed smack bang in the middle of the Series 6 Trashies, because apparently Trash Pack wanted to celebrate that the 1000th Trashie is a Limited Edition, Scrambled Rat. It says on the back of the packaging, "CAN YOU FIND THE 1000TH LIMITED EDITION TRASHIE?" I might be taking it in the wrong context, but for some reason I think that they're saying that this is the 1000th LE Trashie. If I'm right, another facepalm right there. And I think they're metallic, judging from the background of the Trashie.

    So that's it for the review - short, but that's all you need to know. I'm going to sell these Trashies on eBay, cuz I bought 12 12 packs, and I really don't know why I would keep these, since it's $120 bucks I just spent there. If anyone would like to give me money by buying my items on eBay, that'd be cool. lol I can email you my eBay username if you actually do wanna buy unopened packs or individual Trashies. Just meet me on Chat or put your email address here so I can contact you. :)

    Oh, and a "Kudos" would be nice.

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