DS Trash Pack

For DS and 3DS

The Trash Pack is a video game available on the Nintendo DS, and also the Nintendo 3DS. It was released in Fall 2012. It is based on Series 1 Trashies. It is rated "E" for Everyone and was developed by Activision.


There are 4 minigames to play.

Trash Catch - Play as the Garbage Truck and collect the falling trash. Don't let it hit the ground!

Trash Attack - Play as a randomly selected trashie and collect the falling cans while avoiding garbage. You need to jump over obstacles as well.

Trash Drop - Play as a randomly selected trashie and hold 'A' to power up the wheelie bin. Try and hit the crane arms.

Trash Toss - Play as randomly selected trashies and toss them into the correct bins. Use the stylus to play.

Your Collection

While playing games, you can unlock trashies for your checklist. You can then check them off if you have them in your real life collection. There are all the teams in Series 1. There are also Limited Editions and Bonus (exclusive) Trashies. There is a section with 4 Series 2 trashies: Putrid Pretzel in green, Yucko Taco in yellow, Septix in blue, and Vul-Gore in white. The trashies you haven't unlocked have a lock on them with the silhouette of Stench Fries in back.

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