Stuffed. Pencil Case is a Series 5 ST Trashie on the School Trash team.
Stuffed-Pencil-Case Green School-Trash S5
He is a Pencil Case stuffed full, of gross school supplies.

Trashie Rating

colors: green rare, orange rare, yellow rare.


  • His teeth are pencils.
  • He has various school supplies sculpted on him, like: A ruler in his mouth, scissors near where his right hand would be (If he had hands), And for some reason he has a Band-Aid on his back, and of course, pencils, there are two on his face, near his chin.
  • He has a crinkle on his back.
  • He has a zipper on the left side of his head, the zipper line extends to the other side of him.
  • he is sideways.
  • He has patches, worms and flies on him in certain places.
  • Orange Stuffed Pencil Case (Rare)
  • Green Stuffed Pencil Case (Rare)
  • Yellow Stuffed Pencil Case (Rare)

Stuffed Pencil Case

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