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Stinky Skunk

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Stinky Skunk
Stinky Skunk Artwork




Bin Critters

Colors & Rarities:

Red (rare), green (common) and purple (common)



Stinky Skunk is a Series 3 Trashie from the Bin Critters team. He is a smelly skunk covered in goo.


What's that terrible smell?? It's Stinky Skunk smelling up the streets again. His smell is like used babies nappies mixed with tins of old tuna. A truly disgusting con-BIN-ation!

Trash Town Hangout

Just follow your nose and you'll find him!

Trading Card Line

Remember to spray everyday!


  • Stinky Skunk (rare)
  • Stinky Skunk (common)
  • Stinky Skunk (common)
  • Trading Card
  • Trading Card

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