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Stinky Shrimpy

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Stinky Shrimpy
Stinky Shrimpy Artwork




Beach Trash

Colors & Rarities:

Blue and red (ultra rare)



Stinky Shrimpy is a Series 4 Trashie from the Beach Trash team. He is a slimy shrimp.


This stinky seafood proves that gross things can come in small packages. He smells so much that all of the other shrimp stay far, far away! There's no chance of him getting eaten by a whale though, they can smell him from miles away!

Trash Town Hangout

In whale gizzards.


  • His static art and trading cards give him solid black eyes, while his toys have the standard white eyes with black pupils.


  • Stinky Shrimpy (ultra rare)
  • Stinky Shrimpy (ultra rare)
  • Trading Card
  • Trading Card

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