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Squashed Maggot

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Squashed .Maggot is a trashie from Series 5 ST. He is in the Bin-Sects Team. He Is A Squished Maggot.

Trashie Rating

Colors: Pink, Common, White, Common, Orange, Common.


"This manky maggot is super sick. He'll eat anything and everything which lands in the trash can which is why this gross guy is such a festering fatty!"

Trash Town Hangout

"Trash Cans"

  • Squashed Maggot (Common)
  • Pink Squashed Maggot (Common)
  • White Squashed Maggot (Common)
  • Squashed Maggot Artwork


  • He Is The Only Trashie To Be Looking Right+Up.
  • Part Of His Bio Is A Reference To The Series 1 Bin-sects Trashie Mucky Maggot.

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