The Trash Pack Cartoon - Episode 4 "Spoiler Alert"01:40

The Trash Pack Cartoon - Episode 4 "Spoiler Alert"

This is the fourth episode of the Moose Trash Pack cartoon.

Episode 4

Blow Fly and Trash-a-pillar go to the Trashie Theatre to enjoy a 10 movie marathon, Blow Fly asks Trash-a-pillar to go get some snacks but comes back instead with Rotty Pop.

The movies start and Rotty Pop starts spoiling the movies, Blow Fly decides it's enough and ties Rotty Pop on a pole on top of the theatre with seagulls eating Rotty Pops popcorn.


BF: Ahh ten movies in a row, this is gonna be amazing Trash-a-pillar! TP Oh yeah! I'm so excited I could *Farts*

TP I was gonna say scream but yeah that would do.

BF Why don't you be a good buddy and grab us some snacks!

TP Okay best friend! I can do that.

BF Oh yeah and make sure you get the biggest popcorn you can find!

BF This is not what I meant.

RP Nice to meet you Blow Fly, ooh I love movies ooh I appreciate the invite!

RP Ooh I love this one the bit where he was a ghost all along was mind blowing!

TP Wow! I can't wait to find that out!

RP Ah it's hard to believe that he's his father.

RP Oh the boat sinks yeah it's such a shame.

RP Don't question me there's an alien I've seen this bit!

RP Blow Fly! Blow Fly!


RP I am watching this bit, this part is where we find out the shark is just three monkeys in a rubber fish suit!

BF's Brain Oh you know what you have to do!

RP Soooo. You gentlemen like movie trivia?

RP Oh they're taking my memory!

RP Ooh what a horrible twist! Now no more than two stars!

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