Special Editions
are Trashies that are unique in different ways in each series.

The Series 1 Special Editions were known as 'Glowing Trashies' (GID), The Series 2's were known as 'Mouldy Trash' (flocked, fuzzy) and The Series 3's are known as 'Color Changes' (Vanishing Color). Series 4 Special Editions are Biter Trashies; you can open and close their mouth. Series 5 has Frozen trashies, which are trashies concealed in ice. Series 5 Special Editions have their own catogory. There are also 2 Special Edition Exclusive Trashies: Scummy Skull & Spew-Shi, which were released in the Barrel Of Trashies.

The line of Ultra Rares (Transparency, Metallic, Sticky, Beach) have unique specialties too, but are not put under the Category of 'Special Editions'.


Glow In The Dark

Mouldy Trash

Color Change

Biter Trash

Frozen Trash

Hard Boiled Trash

Cold 'N Flu Color Change

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