Sour Snail
Sour snail artwork
Sour Snail's Official Artwork


Series 1



Colors & Rarities:

Red (Rare), Green (Common), Blue (Common)




1 (Red = Wave 2)

Sour Snail is a Series 1 Trashie from the Bin-Sects Team. He is a slow and slimy snail with leaves stuck to his body,


Be careful where you walk in Trash Town. You could step on Sour Snail! Just look out for an oozey, slimy trail of sludge and maggot mucus and then you won't squish him!

Trash Town Hangout

Slimy streets and alleys.


  • He bears some resemblance to Snot Snail, a Trashie from Series 4.
  • Sour Snail is a minor character in the Mondo TV cartoon. Here, they are portrayed as a female character, and is often treated as the butt of jokes by the other Trashies. Here, she is named Shelly.
  • Sour Snail is one of four Trashies that appears in both of the animated series.


  • Green Sour Snail (Common)
  • Blue Sour Snail (Common)
  • Red Sour Snail (Rare)
  • Sour Snail (green)

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