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Smelly Sock
Smelly Sock Artwork




Hard Rubbish

Colors & Rarities:

Pink (ultra rare), Gray (common) and Orange (rare)





Smelly Sock is a Series 1 Trashie who is part of the Hard Rubbish team. He is a stinky old sock.


His name says it all! Smelly Sock is one of the stinkiest Trashies, some say you can smell him from over 40 feet away! He's full of foul foot odor that could make a junk yard dog puke!

Trash Town Hangout

Old shoes and putrid boots.


  • The Mondo cartoon reveals that there are two Smelly Socks, one nicer than the other, and they are twins. The original one is named Patches in this version of the show, while the brother is Socky.
  • He is also included as part of the Scrap Racers line as an Australian exclusive.
  • He is also included as part of the Odour Beaters team in trash wheels series 2


  • Smelly Sock (ultra rare)
  • Smelly Sock (common)
  • Smelly Sock (rare)

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