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Sludge Slug

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Sludge Slug
Bin-Sects, Series 2





Colors & Rarities

White (common), Aqua (common) and Purple (rare)



Sludge. Slug is a Series 2 Trashie from the Bin-Sects team. He is a slug with a trail of slime underneath him.


"Sludge Slug is right at home slithering his way through slimy pools of putrid goo. Always hanging out with the maggots and worms - there isn't an ooze pool in Trash Town that he doesn't know."

Trash Town Hangout

"Deep in the Bin Juice."


  • He is one of Three slugs in The Trash Pack, the others being Sewerage Slug and Sickly Slug (Both from Series 6)
  • He should not be in the Bin-Sects, he is a Slug[1], not a Insect.[2]
  • this is because he would not fit in anywhere but Exclusive Trashies, and even then, not that much.
  • Shown on the photo below, in his white color, his sculpted fly's wings are yellow, while all the others are white.


  • Sludge Slug (common)
  • Sludge Slug (common)
  • Sludge Slug (rare)

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