TPS6 HardBoiledTrash SewerageSlug

Sewerage Slug's official artwork!

Sewerage. Slug is a .Series 6 Trashie, from the. Hard Boiled Trash Team. he is a gross, disgusting, Sewerage, Slug!


"You'll find Sewerage Slug slithering deep in the sewers under Trash Town. Occasionally though he can pop up in a toilet bowl looking for fresh sludge. So be careful where you sit!"

Trash Town Hangout

"Trash Town Sewers."


  • Sewerage Slug has the same first name as Sewerage Supreme.
  • He has a worm coming out of his mouth.
  • Grey Sewerage Slug (Special Edition)
  • Light Grey Sewerage Slug (Special Edition)
  • White Sewerage Slug (Special Edition)

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