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Sewer Dump is a playset, that came out in June in the AU. It is one of the biggest playset there were in Trash Pack.

It has a zip cord, a ooze tub where you fill it with liquid ooze, a toilet that can flush trashies down into the ooze tub, an elevator to the toilet, a catapult, a diving board to the ooze tub, a conveyor belt that leads to the elevator, and a slide.
Big 12009

box art


  • Banana Split
  • Rotten Apple
  • Dog Food
  • Trash Bag

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  • When is it coming to USA!?

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    • They are coming out now.
    • AND - sewer dump will come to UK at or before- July 13 so roughly SEP 13 for you i think.
  • trash pack

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    • trash pack are the best but the junk truck should come with the sewer dump next thing that comes out should be a trash town with rubbish dump ...
    • THAT would cost like £/$ 10,000

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