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Series 5  was the 5th ever series of Trashies and was released in May 2013, the same month the Design Your Own Trashie Comp ended. It replaces Wheelie Bins with Yellow Toilets. The Trashies in this series are called Sewer Trash, for the fact that the trashies are found in toilets. Frozen Trash are the special edition, which are trashies concealed in clear, rubber cubes and unlike other special editions it also gets its own category. The Ultra Rares are Scrap Trash which are decorated with flakes of coloured paper. The logo is a stink cloud. New teams- School Trash and Sewer Trash- replace Hard Rubbish and Trash To

ys . The Liquid Ooze pack returns, but this time with yellow ooze.


Series 5
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The Grubz:


School Trash:

Food Of The World:

Sewer Trash :

Scrap Trash:

Frozen Trash:

Limited Edition:



  • This is the first Series to have a subname (Sewer Trash)
  • This is the first and possibly only series to have toilets.
  • This is also the first Series to exclude the Hard Rubbish team.
  • Trash Toys from Series 4 were predicted to return, but did not.
  • School and Sewer Trash will most likely be a one Series team, and most likely will not return for Series 6.
  • Special Editions are now all in one team. In previous series, there was one Special Edition character in each team (Excluding Bin Critters in Series 2, and Ultra Rare teams in Series 1-3)

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