Some Series 4 Trashies didn't come out at first, because those trashies were saved for Wave 2. Wave 2 was released around April 2013 in Australia.

The Grubz:

  • Poo-Tato
  • Barf Bagette
  • Shabby Cabbage
  • Moldy Melon
  • Yucky Sprout

Hard Rubbish:

  • Zapped Lamp
  • Kacky Kettle



Food of the World:

  • Sludgey Lasagne
  • Sneeze Burger
  • Spewy Stew

Trash Toys:

  • Yuck Yo
  • Gunk-A-Saur

Beach Trash

  • Tangled Seaweed (green)


  • Festering Fowl
  • Squish Bone
  • Green Biter Trashies
  • White Mini Trashies
  • Yellow: Stuffed Chicken, Scarred Caviar, Smear Wig, Gutter Fly, Fishy Finger, Gristle Pie,Banged Up Gamer,Lumpy Yoghurt,Smashed Vase,Gutter Skater,Filthy Fan and Carnage Car

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