Scummy Screen, aka Scummy (as given to him by Trash-A-Pillar), is the cartoon version of Scummy Screen.
Cartoon scummy screen

Physical Appearance

He looks relatively the same as his toy counterpart. However, he is given eyebrows and arms in this persona. When he plays a video, his eyes and mouth disappear. His banana peel is also more defined in the show. When he speaks, he is given a slight slur to his voice. Despite not having a visible nose, he can still leak out mucus from where it should be.


Despite a somewhat elonquent way of speaking and a desire to entertain others, he is a bit dimwitted and even will agree to things Trash-A-Pillar says, to the point that he followed him home.


  • He is succeptible to computer viruses, which act as a common cold to him. 
  • His first major appearance is "Snot My Problem", and he makes minor appearances in "Wreck the Halls" and "Completely Armless".


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