The. Scum. Drum.
Scum drum box
Is a playset in the shape of a toxic waste barrel. Unlike past sets, this one is larger than the others, and is used for lauching Trashies inside it. Four exclusive Trashies, Snot Trot, Scummy Bear, Sweaty Shoe and Muck Bucket were included in the playset. Red versions of Wasted Banana and Squashed Wheel were included in the Australian exclusive Scum Drum Bonus Pack.


  • Muck Bucket and Scummy Bear


  • The regular Scum Drum has green and purple Trashies, but in the Scum Drum Bonus Pack, the green Trashies have been replaced with red ones.
  • The Scum Drum is a rename of the same playset. The original name is unknown, but what is known is that was either an oven or a grill.

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