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Scabby Cat
Scabby Cat Artwork




Bin Critters

Colours & Rarities:

Gray (common), Yellow (common), and Blue (rare)





Scabby Cat is a Series 1 Trashie from the Bin Critters team. He is a drooling cat with fangs and is covered in fish bones.


"Prowling the alley ways of Trash Town, Scabby Cat rules the rubbish roads. His trash senses are finely to sniff out an old can of tuna, dead mouse or a moldy bowl of milk from a mile away!"

Trash Town Hangout

"Trash Alley."


  • Scabby Cat is one of three Cat Trashies, the other two being Trash Cat and Kitty Cold.
  • Scabby Cat is one of two Cat Trashies in Series 1, the other being Trash Cat.
  • In the Mondo cartoon, Scabby Cat is made a female cat, with no ability to speak. Here, she also has a rivalry with Trash Rat.
  • His/her name is a pun on the phrase "tabby cat".


  • Scabby Cat (common)
  • Scabby Cat (common)
  • Scabby Cat (rare)
  • Scabby Cat (yellow)

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