Rotten Roll
Rotten Roll Artwork




The Grubz

Colors & Rarities:

White (common), aqua (rare) and yellow (common)



Rotten Roll is a Series 3 Trashie who is part of The Grubz team. He is a sushi roll who is holding a surf board.


Rotten Roll is a California roll that has surfed his way over to Trash Town from Japan. Unfortunately all of the salt water has affected his flavour and freshness. He's just a piece of ruined sushi!

Trash Town Hangout

Seagull Island.

Trading Card Line

Surf the drain pipe line!


  • Despite his bio describing him as a California Roll, he is a standard Japanese maki roll, as California rolls have rice on the outside with the seaweed on the inside, rather than vice versa like Rotten Roll has.


  • Rotten Roll (common)
  • Rotten Roll (rare)
  • Rotten Roll (common)
  • Trading Card
  • Trading Card

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