Poop Plop is a Series 5 Limited Edition Trashie. There are only 250 made of him. He is made with a metallic finish. He is the rarest Series 5 Trashie.


No one knows how Poop Plop got to be gold, he just woke up one day and he was as gold as a freshly found nugget.

Trash Town Hangout:

The Golden Throne


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  • foul fish bone

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    • TigerClaw432 wrote: Yes. Who s ur favourite character and episode! Mine is Dogpound and Fishface and favourite episode is MetalHead Rewi...
    • My favorites are tiger claw and Leather head and my favorite episode was metal head rewired too it was sad when he dies.
  • looking for

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    • Lol. I can just see me now: cashing in my retirement Poop. As it is, it's worth almost as much as an ounce of gold.
    • The way that you wrote it made it funny, XD. But imo I think that the sooner you sell it, the more it'll sell for.

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