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Poo-Tato Chips
Poo-tatoChips MovieTrash S3-1-




Movie Trash

Colors & Rarities:

Purple and red (ultra rare)


Wall Crawler



Poo-Tato Chips is a Series 3 Trashie who is part of the Movie Trash team. He is a bag of moldy potato chips.


He's crunchy, munchy, salty and faulty! Poo-Tato Chips is the crisp that's gone amiss! His stale taste will make you want to puke. And that will probably taste better!

Trash Town Hangout

In trash bags.

Trading Card Line

Got a chip on your shoulder.


  • Poo-Tato Chips shares his first name with Poo-Tato, a Trashie from Series 4.
  • On his official artwork, Poo-Tato Chips is depicted with a full set of teeth, but in his actual mold, he is depicted with a missing tooth.


  • Poo-Tato Chips (ultra rare)
  • Poo-Tato Chips (ultra rare)
  • Trading Card
  • Poo-Tato Chips (Red)

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