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Piggy Pigeon
Piggy Pigeon Artwork




Bin Critters

Colors & Rarities:

Yellow (common), purple (rare) and gray (common)



Piggy Pigeon is a Series 3 Trashie from the Bin Critters team. He is a plump pigeon with slime dripping from his beak.


His putrid plop covers nearly everything in Trash Town! Piggy Pigeon is a poop machine. He can't help it though, it's just a result of all the rubbish worms, bin bugs and manky maggots he eats.

Trash Town Hangout

Up high on power lines and statues.

Trading Card Line

Take a dump!


  • Piggy Pigeon (common)
  • Piggy Pigeon (rare)
  • Piggy Pigeon (common)
  • Trading Card
  • Trading Card
  • Piggy Pigeon (yellow)

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