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Pesty Parasite

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PestyParasite Bin-sects S3
Pesty Parasite's Official Artwork
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Pesty Parasite is a trashie from Series 3. He's in the Bin-Sects team and is a dirty looking parasite. He comes in the colours:. Green (Common) , Orange (Rare) , and. Purple (Ultra Rare).

"A para-site for sore eyes!" (Trading Card Line).


"Pesty Parasite will make your skin crawl! He's that itch you get on the top of your head, the bite on your leg that goes red and lumpy. No other trashy is more of a pest - forget the rest!"


Whenever it is dark and dank.


  • His eyes are connected together in his real sculpting.
  • Green Pesty Parasite (Common)
  • Orange Pesty Parasite (Rare)
  • Purple Pesty Parasite (Ultra-Rare)
68087 r01s02 TPS3 TC 03-81-PestyParasite
Pesty Parasite's Trading Card
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