Ooze packs are just like 5 and 12 packs, they have Combinations.

S3 pack 1

  • (common) Purple Bin Bros (visible)
  • (rare) Yellow Trash Iron (visible)
  • (common) Lime Foul Fish Bowl
  • (common) Green Loch Ness
  • (common) Purple Slime Python
  • (common) Red Yuck Ketchup

Pack 2

  • (common) Brown Grotweiler (visible)
  • (common) Yellow Pus Plop (visible)
  • (common) Purple Rotten Rollerblade
  • (common) Yellow Sick Garlic
  • (rare) Orange Shockoli
  • (ULTRA RARE) Purple Grotty Coffee

Pack 3

  • (common) White Grot Pot (visible)
  • (common) Yellow Piggy Pigion (visible)
  • (ULTRA RARE) purple Sickly Sweets
  • (common) Brown Maggot Meatball
  • (common) Grey Junkasour

pack 4

VISIBLE Blue Kruddy Kebab

VISIBLE Red Trash Iron

Brown Grotweiler

Pink Gobbles

Green Gunk Pumpkin

Grey Clogged Camera RARE

S5 pack 1

  • (common) Pink Squashed Maggot (visible)
  • (Common) blue Pesty Locust (visible)
  • (Rare) orange Mushy Mango
  • (common) green Scrap. Pack
  • (common) Yellow Queasy Cheesy
  • (Rare) Purple Died Rice

Pack 2

  • (common) Grey Splat-A-Pillar (visible)
  • (common) Red Stinky Ring (visible)
  • (Rare) Yellow Mushy Mango
  • (common) Pink Squashed Maggot
  • (Rare) Orange Gakky Macaron
  • (common) Brown Litter. Locker