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Movie Trash
Wall Crawler


Movie Trash

In Series:



Wall Crawler

Found In:

2 Pack, 5 Pack, 12 Pack, Ooze Pack




Movie Theater Snacks

Debut Series


Movie Trash is the Series 3 line of Ultra Rares that stick to walls (and other surfaces) and "crawl" down, hence the name, "wall crawler". They are also the replacement of Astro Trash from Series 2. They come in the colors red and purple. In Series 4, Movie Trash were later replaced by Beach Trash


They're the icky, sticky candy that gets stuck to your seat. And the putrid pop corn that gets stuck in between your teeth. Movie Trash are the stars of Trash Town and they're now playing!

Movie Trash


  • Trashy Torch is the only non-food Trashie in the line.

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