Mouldy Milk (Cartoon Series)
Mouldy Milk (Cartoon Series)
Full name Mouldy Milk
Relationships Trash-A-Pillar {Cartoon Series) Blow Fly {Cartoon Series)
Lifespan "Don't Bring It Up"

Mouldy Milk is a character in the web series. He is the cartoon version of Mouldy Milk. He is voiced by Ryan Cooper.


Being a version of Mouldy Milk, he looks just like his original design. However, he has a defined pair of lips in this series, along with wearing a pair of red and white converse sneakers, instead of his standard white shoes that his toy has.

Don't Bring It Up

This is Mouldy Milk's debut episode. In this episode, he tries to solve his puking problem.


Blow Fly:

Blow Fly is Mouldy Milk's best friend.


Trash-A-Pillar is also one of Mouldy Milk's friends, though Trash-A-Pillar is somewhat annoyed by his puking problem.


  • He is the first guest Trashie to appear in the webseries.
  • He has the most appearances of the guest Trashies, with four episodes.
  • He was at one point employee of the month at Burger Flip-Out.

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