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Moo Cow Disease

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Moo Cow Disease






Yellow (#TP159), Blue (#TP164)


Ultra Rare



Moo Cow Disease is a Series 1 Trashie who is part of the Bin-fections team.


He's one bad bit of beef! No farmer wants to milk poor old Moo Cow Disease, because they always end up vomiting into the milk bucket. The flies like him though. Especially his big, steaming cow poo's!


Moo Cow Disease is a yellow cow with green spots. He has green horns, a pink muzzle, and a yellow ring in his nose. He has no legs, and the lower half of his body melts into yellow slime.

His variant is a blue cow with white spots. He has white horns, a red muzzle, and a blue ring in his nose. The lower half of his body melts into blue slime.

His artwork looks like a typical white-with-black-spots cow, with a pink muzzle, yellow horns, and a gold ring in his nose. The lower half of his body melts into white slime.

Trash Town Hangout

The Poo Paddocks of Trash Town!


. Despite his Bio saying nobody wants to milk him, he does not appear to have udders to milk with. Beside, he is a male, and only female cows have udders and produce milk.


  • Moo Cow Disease (ultra rare)
  • Moo Cow Disease (ultra rare)

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