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Limited Editions are uncategorized Trashies that only have a small number of units made, making them extremely valuable.  There are 3 limited editions in series 1 and 2. And there are 5 limited editions in series 3, 4 and 5. In series 6 and the Trash Wheels series there are four limited editions. In series 1, 2, 3 and 5, the gold limited editions are the rarest. The rarest limited editions so far are Grimy Gold, Poop Plop, Scrambled Rat and Squish Bone. Series 1 is shiny, Series 2, 3, 5 and 6 are Metallic, and Series 4 Glow in the Dark and are made of plastic and series 7 are translucent.

Rotting Rat and Festering Fowl

List and rarities

Series 1=

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4: > Squish Bone: 250 > Festering Foul: 500 > Rotting Rat: 1000 > Foul Fish Bone: 5000 > Cruddy Cow Skull: 10,000

Series 5: > Poop Plop: 250 > Poo Plumbing: 500 > Flushed Plone: 1000 > Gunk Gator: 5000 > Spewer Rat: 10,000

Trash Wheels: > Flat Rat: 500 > S-Car-Go: 1000 > Slimy Steak: 5000 > Blubber Brain: 10'000 

Trash Wheels Series 2: > Smokin' Sandwich: 500 > Moose Mover: 1000 > Chicken Coupe: 5000 > Stinkin' Soda: 10'000

Series 6: > Scrambled Rat: 250 > Slime Skull: 500 > Manky Maggot: 1000 > Litter Lizard: 10000

Series 7: > Captain Contagious: 250 > Mucus Puke: 500 > Bin Bug: 5000 > Snot Sniper: 1000 > Flying Fungus: 10000         

Trash wheels series 3: ghost trash turtle >         

Each limited edition comes with a booklet saying congratulations and the number of your limited edition you found.

Limited Edition Team Bio

If it's royally covered in snot, you've probably got your self a limited edition! They live anywhere that muck grows! If you find a limited edition, you've completed the Trash Pack mission!

The Other Bio:

"If it's super gross and more disgusting than most then it's probably a Limited Edition Trashie! These ultra rare Trashies are always covered in grot making them very hard to spot! "


  • The Series 1 Limited Editions are not metallic, they are just shiny.
  • Metallic Limited Editions are the most common in limited edition special features, they are featured in Series 2, Series 3, Series 5, & Series 6.


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