The Junk Truck is a playset that was released in February 2012. It includes 2 Exclusive Trashies and a vehicle that transforms into a playset. It can store 1 trash can on the side
Junk Truck Poster

Junk Truck Rolling Out NOW!

. There is also a catapult/seesaw launcher, where trashies can be launched. You can squash your Trashies in the compactor or grab your Trashies with the crane. You can also play a game with the catapult and the front of the truck when transformed. You have to try to aim your Trashie to get it in the head of the truck. You can also put 2 Trashies in the front seat.


The Junk Truck comes with Grub Tub and Stink Sink, both exclusives, which come in green bins. Grub Tub is a bath tub and Stink Sink is a sink


The Trash Pack Junk Truck Television Commercial00:16

The Trash Pack Junk Truck Television Commercial


  • Many recolors can be seen in various pictures. These were thought to be the exclusives.

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