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Hard Rubbish

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Hard Rubbish
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Hard Rubbish

In Series:

1, 2, 3, 4



Found In:

2 Pack, 5 Pack, 12 Pack, Ooze Pack



Household Objects

Debut Series:


Hard Rubbish is a category in the Trash Pack. Many series usually have a lot of household items in the team. This team made an unexpected absence in Series 5


These are the broken bits of trash that pile up around the house. Smelly old chairs, drippy paint cans and trashed TV sets - your garage is a gold mine for these trashy treasures!

Series 1:

Series 2:

Series 3:

Series 4:

  • Vile Vacuum
  • Moldy Matress
  • Smashed Vase
  • Filthy Fan
  • Zapped Lamp
  • Kacky Kettle
  • Dusty Rug (Biter)
  • Dumped Dryer (Mini)

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