Grotty Coffee
GrottyCoffee MovieTrash S3




Movie Trash

Colors & Rarities:

Red and purple (ultra rare)


Wall Crawler

Grotty Coffee is a Series 3 Trashie who is part of the Movie Trash team. He is a cup of disgusting coffee.


When you hear Grot Pot start to whistle be warned. That's just his steaming hot pot of junk juice boiling away and about to explode. You can say he puts the Tea in Trash!

Trash Town Hangout

Cruddy kitchens.

Trading Card Line

Here's your trash-accino!


  • Grotty Coffee (ultra rare)
  • Grotty Coffee (ultra rare)
  • Trading Card


  • Grotty Coffee's bio and hangout is wrongly listed as Grot Pot's bio and hangout on the official Trash Pack website.

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