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Gross Goose
Gross Goose Artwork




Bin Critters

Colors & Rarities:

Lime (ultra rare), White (common) and Blue (rare)



Gross Goose is a Series 2 Trashie from the Bin Critters team. She is a goose covered in mud and slime who wears a bow on her head.


If you see a bird that's uglier than an ugly duckling - that's Gross Goose. Her feathers are feral and her beak is bleak. Too many years swimming in swamp ooze has taken its toll.

Trash Town Hangout

Sewers and ooze swamps.


  • Gross Goose is erroneously referred to with male pronouns in her bio. She is confirmed female through a French Canadian comic, where she is also a former girlfriend of Rotten Apple.


  • Gross Goose (ultra rare)
  • Gross Goose (common)
  • Gross Goose (rare)

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