Gross Ghosts isn't a spin-off. It's not a main series, either. It's a special series that was released in stores in July 2013. This special 'mystery' series finally re-released the famous Series 1 Trashies, now with a spooky translucent finish. Special Editions are "Spooky Eye Trashies," with glowing eyes. The special team "Bin-Fections" are now fully Glow in the Dark.

A second series will be released in December 2013.



The Grubz:

Hard Rubbish:


Bin Critters:






  • This Series will be a Halloween related product, so it won't be around very long.
  • The Garbage Ghost Truck is the 5th variant of the Garbage Truck released so far.
  • While Big W and ToysRUs have sold exclusive Trash Pack products, this is the first Target promotion.
  • Bin Pig, Snotten, Smelly Sock , Germ Worm and Scum Gum are the only Series 1 Trashies missing in the set.
  • Since the ultra rare Bin-Fections were already translucent in Series 1, they are now glow in the dark.
  • This series is the second series to have no Limited Editions (First being UFT).
  • At Target, the label for this is "Series 0".

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