TPS6 HardBoiledTrash ScrambledRat

Gravel Rat's official artwork!

Gravel Rat is a Series 6. Trashie from the. Hard Boiled Trash team. he's a gross rat.


"This rat is so lazy and hasn't moved for so many years that he's literally turned to stone! You can only tell that he's still breathing by the gross slime that's always oozing from his moldy mouth!"

Trash Town Hangout

"Horrible Hills"


  • if you "save picture as" on "the trash" the name is "Hard Boiled Trash - Scrambled Rat" even though the real Scrambled Rat is a Limited Edition. This was most likely an error since the Moose Trash Pack Meet the Trashiest page is full of errors, bugs and incorrect content.
  • Light Grey Gravel Rat (Special Edition)
  • Grey Gravel Rat (Special Edition)
  • White Gravel Rat (Special Edition)