The Glowin' Mega Pack is a Series 7 pack of 30 Exclusive glow in the dark Junk Germ Trashies and 7 test tubes.

Glowin' Mega Pack

The Glowin' Mega Pack.

Included Trashies

Bin Juice (GID)

Oozing Eyeball (GID)

Foot Fungus (GID)

Bird Spew (GID)

Diarrhoea (GID)

Horrid Heart Worm (GID)

Dirty Dumbbells (GID)

Ringworm Rover (GID)

Crusty Claws (GID)

Cold Sore (GID)

Manky Mucus (GID)

Flea Bite (GID)

Fish Fungus (GID)

Kitty Cold (GID)

Ball Bacteria (GID)

Runners Rash (GID)

Gym Germs (GID)

Glug Hole (GID)

Pool Puke (GID)

Fitness Flu (GID)

Rotten Bud (GID)

Booger Blower (GID)

Toilet Bug (GID)

Hook Worm (GID)

Dank Dish Cloth (GID)

Ring Worm (GID)

Icky Earthworm (GID)

Fish Worm (GID)

Tape Worm (GID)

Earwax Worm (GID)

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