Giddy Squid
Giddy squid




Bin Critters

Colors & Rarities:

Gray, white and yellow (special edition)


Color Change

Giddy Squid is a Series 3 Trashie who is part of the Bin Critters team. He is a gross squid who is covered in seaweed.


Giddy Squid has a special putrid power! He has the longest, tackiest tentacles in Trash Town. They can creep and crawl there way into any bin, looking for the soggiest, grossest trash he can find.

Trash Town Hangout

Swimming around in puke pools.

Trading Card Line

It's a trash splash!


  • Giddy Squid (special edition)
  • Giddy Squid (special edition)
  • Giddy Squid (special edition)
  • Trading Card
  • Trading Card

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